An Empty Plot Of Land was an installation acting as a multi scaled proposal for a memorial for the victims of the Lebanese Civil War. In the exhibition a scale one to one sample of the memorial was presented alongside paintings and drawings. The dialogue was thus happening between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations leaving the spectators to act as a mediator between these forms.

Presented in 2015 at Galerie Janine Rubeiz


Following the Lebanese Civil war a vast portion of the ruined heart of Beirut was demolished and thrown into the sea. Added to the Normandie garbage dump that had grown throughout the war that monticule of rubbish and ruins was then turned into a large landfill. It would take years of treatment for this land to be eventually turned into prime real estate. Yet, to this date the land has only been used for temporary development.

When the sun is high at noon


Left / Right

Blueprints for a nation

From this vast empty plot of land one can look at the city of Beirut through the specter of all the development that will eventually rise there, a gaze through the ruins of the future from a land literally made of all the accumulated and digested ruins of the past. This land presents in this suspended temporality the opportunity to congregate with the memory of all the people who have lost their lives in the course of Lebanon’s Civil War.