Presented in 2011 at Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna.

Following a three-month residency at Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna this set of large-scale drawings on paper was presented under the title A Moment Of Truth. These works consisted of various explorations around the project of a temporary memorial for the victims of The Lebanese Civil War.

A Moment Of Truth consisted of large-scale drawings presenting a hypothetical intervention in the heart of Beirut. The project presented through a set of plans, sections and elevations is that of a temporary memorial for the victims of the Civil War. The idea behind this intervention was to physically represent every single victim through a physical manifestation. To physically represent every single one of the more than two hundred thousand victims of this war would be to turn an abstract number into a physical reality hence creating a spatial experience that would at once be an exploration of time through the individual stories of every victim. On the landfill created with the rubble of the civil war two hundred thousand steel metal bars recuperated from torn down buildings all across Lebanon are planted into the soil. At the extremity of each bar there is a red entity. As families of victims appropriate each one of these bars by inscribing and attaching onto them the individual stories of victims that red entity is replaced by a white one. The installation as is serves as a blank canvass onto which one can write the history of the Lebanese Civil War through the individual stories